About Ann Schiebert

Dr. Ann Schiebert has written her first young adult novel, not as a psychologist, but as a human who has studied all types of non-humans for years. Fortunately, as a child, she had parents who allowed her to have chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, and even a white rat named Gurgle. Then she rescued Mandy, a golden retriever. Mandy was better than any human she’d ever met! She enjoyed studying Mandy’s behaviors and how she interacted with her human family.

Today, she has her two Ragamuffin cats who teach her how to love them. Schiebert has truly benefited in her life and in her clinical practice by interacting with other species and seeing how expert and talented they are in what they do. For Ann, there are no kinder, more loving teachers we humans could ever have than those with fur, feathers, and scales that we choose to bring into our homes to love and to love us.