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Ann Colberson Schiebert Bio

Dr. Ann Schiebert is a psychologist with over 19 years of experience working in the emergency department, hospital, and mental health clinics at one of the nation’s largest HMO’s. In 2019, she opened her own private practice. At the core of her work is the belief that everyone has the ability to overcome challenges and create meaningful change in their life. She has written four books on mental health topics and finds it rewarding to assist her patients in discovering their wonderful, authentic selves to get them back to a healthy mindset.

Dumpster Dogs is Schiebert’s first young adult novel. She has written it not only as a psychologist but also as a human who has greatly benefited from loving relationships with her animal companions through the years. During childhood, her passion for animals blossomed when her parents allowed her to have chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, and even a white rat named Gurgle! Later, she rescued Mandy, a golden retriever, who quickly became her best friend. She enjoyed studying Mandy’s behaviors and how she interacted with her human family, which provided the inspiration for this series. Today, she has her two Ragamuffin cats, Biscuit and Teddy, who continue to teach her how to love them.

Schiebert has truly benefited in her life and in her clinical practice by interacting with all species of animals and seeing how expert and talented they are in providing support, nurturance, and care for humans. For Ann, there are no kinder, more loving teachers we humans could ever have than those with fur, feathers, and scales that we choose to bring into our homes to love and to love us. She hopes to encourage readers to cherish all animals and embrace the unconditional love they so willingly share with us.

Dumpster Dogs Book Description

Dumpster Dogs book is the first in a series. It is about six dogs who have been abandoned by their respective humans. They find each other and take up residency under a group of dumpsters that have been left and forgotten in a clearing in a small town. They form a club that they call the Dumpster Dog Club. The dogs create rules of behavior and teach other dogs how to beg for food so that they can survive. One of the most important rules is that the Dumpster Dogs do not associate with any dog who is attached to a human.

One day, Riley, the canine protagonist, follows a scent and finds himself following a very well-groomed dog, Sophie, and her human, Emily, who is the veterinarian for the community. Riley finds it impossible to stay away from Sophie and Emily. He walks to Sophie’s house every morning and eventually befriends Sophie and Emily, who cares for him like her own.

Initially, Riley judges Sophie to be a prissy, spoiled dog who has no knowledge of abuse and abandonment from humans. Once Sophie shares her history, Riley learns that dogs should never judge other dogs by how they look. As his friendship with Sophie grows, slowly Riley sees that it is possible to find a loving home once again.

Riley begins spending his days with Sophie and he returns to his Dumpster Dog pals at night, but soon he begins to feel conflicted about his allegiance. When one of his Dumpster Dog pals is in danger, Riley must overcome his fear and trust Emily and Sophie to save his friend’s life.

This story continues on to challenge human prejudices that are based on made-up stories about others that are not accurate. It is a metaphor for human behavior and how it is viewed through the eyes of the Dumpster Dogs, offering a unique perspective from our most beloved sidekicks. Filled with heartwarming moments, Dumpster Dogs inspires readers to release the past and find happiness through loyalty, friendship, and acts of service.

The vision for this series is to challenge some of our cultural mores by using the profound insight provided by the Dumpster Dogs. The books are appropriate for middle graders, young adults, and adults alike. This is only the start of the compelling antics of the Dumpster Dogs, who will be continuing on to share their message of love and unconditional acceptance.